Business Topics

  • The Diagnostic

  • How to Set Goals and Build a Business Plan

  • Filing your Taxes as a Voice Talent

  • Understanding Representation and SAG-AFTRA

  • Time Management - how to keep your voiceover business on track on a daily basis.

  • Workflow - how to manage your office, inbox, and Systems of Thought

  • Managing your Finances - So…you got your first (or maybe it’s your 257th) voiceover paycheck! CONGRATS!!! What do you do with it? Where do you deposit it? Should you open a new bank account? How much should you set aside for taxes? Should you incorporate? How do you get insurance? How do you save for retirement? All this and much more will be discussed.

  • Rates, Negotiating, and Billing - how to build a Rate Sheet, effectively negotiate rates, and invoice properly. 

  • How to Analyze your Business and Marketing Strategies - how to determine how & why you generated your voiceover revenue and how to repeat what worked.

  • The Practical Voice Actor: How To Make Informed Decisions About Your Voiceover Business -  how to develop your decision-making skills so you can move your voiceover business in the direction you want it to go. You’ll also learn which questions to ask yourself and how to find the right answers in order to be the voiceover artist and business you truly want to be.


I am a voiceover business coach, voiceover marketing coach,  guest speaker on podcasts and at live events, and voiceover business and marketing consultant.

Guiding You Through the Voiceover Industry

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