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Voiceover Demo Production

Record a competitive eLearning or Explainer Demo.

I work with students who have basic narration training in place and have already recorded an initial voiceover demo. Coaching sessions are available online, and we'll work together until you're ready to record your demo. Professional editing, mixing & SFX included.

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Work with me in three critical areas:

Genre Proficiency

Understand a genre and its nuances - script interpretation, performance techniques, etc. Discover which sub-genres best showcase your talents.

Self-direction Technique

You'll be recording nearly all your work without direction. Learn how to get the most out of your reads + tips for genre-specific motivation...

Master Your 'isms"

Do you read too fast or too slow? Do you have breath issues? Inflection tendencies? Can you cold-read? Turn your 'isms" into tools...