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My job is to get you ready to record an effective, if not competitive eLearning or Explainer demo.

I will ensure you understand the genre, script interpretation, performance techniques, self-direction techniques, and discover/minimize your “isms”. Do you read too fast or too slow? Do you parse your copy? Do you have any breath issues? Do you have any inflection tendencies? How well do you cold-read?

We will also discover which sub-genres best showcase your talent such as academic, medical, corporate training, etc.

Assuming you have basic voiceover narration training in place from previous coaches, we will need about 4-6 coaching sessions leading up to the recording session. We’ll record at Soundvine Studios if you live in the NYC area or online if you don’t. A professional audio engineer will handle post-production.

We’ll need 5-7 scripts. If you’re comfortable with it, I encourage you to write your own copy and I’ll play the role of editor. We’ll talk about that more once we get a handle on which sub-genres you’re best at, which should be by the end of the second coaching session. By the third session we should be working on scripts that will be in the demo.

Listen to some of the demos I’ve produced. Let me know if there are any spots you particularly like (or don’t like) so we can hone in on which kinds of spots would best showcase your talent.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you!

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I am a voiceover business coach, voiceover marketing coach,  guest speaker on podcasts and at live events, and voiceover business and marketing consultant.

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