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Remembering Vanessa Hart – The GKN Weekly Update 2/18/14

Hello and Happy President’s Day! Who’s your favorite President? I’ve always liked Andrew Jackson. He was a war hero (War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans) and a bit crazy! He had a nasty temper and even challenged a few people to a duel. What’s not to like?

Over the past two years I’ve written two “blog obituaries” for my college friends Bart Rolfes and Cara Rosson who we lost way too soon. Last week the voiceover community lost one of our own: Vanessa Hart.

I first “met” Vanessa in 2008 via us narrating short stories for the same audio book publisher. We started corresponding online here & there, supporting each other’s marketing efforts, giving the occasional online kudos, etc.

We finally got to meet face-to-face at VOICE 2012 and I don’t ever remember getting a bigger hug from someone I’ve never seen in person before! She was delightful and full of energy.

We met again at the pre-APAC Mixer in 2013 and hung out together for a decent amount of time. I don’t remember how many drinks we had (definitely more than one) or stories we shared (definitely more than three), but we bonded and it was so much fun.

I always liked her voice. She had a smoky, knowing sound and she didn’t have to do much to convey thought & feeling. Vanessa Hart was a brilliant talent and a lovely person. She will be missed.

TIP OF THE WEEK: I could go on and on about how precious life is and be sure to count your blessings and all that good stuff, and that’s all true. Instead, today I want you to think of one person that you haven’t spoken to in a while and just say hi. You don’t have to do the “someone died so I just wanted to say I love you” spiel or anything, just check in with them. Let me know how it goes!


STUFF!: I finished watching Season Three of The Walking Dead. What a mess! Good thing we don’t have to run around trying to keep people from eating or shooting us. That would be stressful! 😉

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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