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Thu, Aug 10



One Voice Conference USA 2023

Meet me and dozens of other amazing voiceover presenters in Dallas!

One Voice Conference USA 2023

When & Where

Aug 10, 7:00 PM CDT – Aug 13, 12:00 PM CDT

Dallas, DFW International Airport, 2334 N International Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75261, USA

Event Details

I'll be making three appearances this year:

Rates Panel (Friday 8/11 @1:40 PM)

With Graeme Spicer, Brigid Reale, Lynn Norris, David Toback, Tom Dheere, moderated by Hugh Edwards

Get Your Act Together - How to write a voiceover business plan (Friday 8/11 @3:40 PM)

Congratulations! You’ve gotten your voiceover training, produced a shiny new demo, built a snappy website, and put together a home recording studio. Now what? Build your voiceover business, that’s what! In this talk, Tom Dheere aka “The VO Strategist” discusses how to define success as a voice actor, how to write a thoughtful & effective Business Plan, and how to stay on track!

PAID WORKSHOP: Know Your Worth - How to Build a Rate Sheet, Negotiate Rates, and Send Invoices (Saturday 8/12 @8:30 AM)

Money can be a scary subject, especially for an aspiring voice actor who is self-employed for the first time. In this workshop, Tom Dheere aka “The VO Strategist” will teach you how to set your value, build a rate sheet, negotiate with clients, invoice with ease, and make adjustments along the way as needed. You will also learn the basics of financial literacy including tracking your income & expenses, understanding incorporation, taxes, insurance, and retirement as a freelance voice actor.

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