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Tue, May 07



Understanding Representation

Wondering if you need an agent? Tom explores the ins & outs of representation, and discusses the pros and cons involved. If you're curious about finding someone to represent you, start here…

Understanding Representation
Understanding Representation

When & Where

May 07, 2024, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM EDT


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Getting into the entertainment industry is much easier than it used to be. There are more casting opportunities than ever, ergo the barrier for entry is lower than ever so pretty much anyone can try it.

But the challenge is muscling through that 20th Century mentality that has been drilled into your head your whole life. In the 20th Century, we were taught to learn & think like soldiers & factory workers, not like innovative, self-determined, entrepreneurial entertainment professionals. You can thank the 19th Century Prussian educational model for that. Shows like A Chorus Linetaught us that if we're not a star, we’re a loser.

So yes, you can be a working, fulfilled, well-compensated performer in the 21st Century but you can't ascribe to the 20th Century starving artist, worker bee mentality.

You must examine how you think about what you think about. If you can do that and make a commitment to think & execute effectively (not dreamily or stereotypically) then you’ve got a chance to be a successful performer. I challenge you to challenge your assumptions about your business, the entertainment industry, and your relationship to it!

Many aspiring performers think you need representation to “succeed”. Is this true? Let's find out!

· What is an Agent?

· What is a Manager?

· What is a Casting Director?

· Roster Agents vs Relationship Agents

· How do you vet an Agent?

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