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Audio Books and Acting – The GKN Weekly Update 2/25/14

Hello and Happy Mexican Flag Day! Enjoy your celebration of “Religion, Independence, and Unity”. Viva Dia de la Bandera!


I put a poll in the field! The poll question is, “Your voice is…” Your choices are:

1) a product

2) a service

3) both

4) neither

5) does it matter?

To participate in the poll, click on this link. Next week I’ll post the results. Thanks for playing!

This week I started narrating the Judith Arnold “Daddy School” series. It’s not what you think!

It’s a series of romance novels about fatherhood. I only did the first two chapters today but it’s fun! The good news is that there are no big words (I’m a bear of little brain), no crazy accents, and not too many passages that make my engineer blush. Of course like all other books, it has its own set of challenges.

Each of the first three books have their own couple as the main characters. Each couple are also supporting characters in the other two books. All of them are white, the same age, have no discernible accents, and interact with the other couples frequently. So how do you pull it off?


Yes, that’s right. I made some basic, sustainable choices for each of the six characters. By sustainable I mean making subtle adjustments to the vocalization of the characters that won’t strain my voice. For example, Jamie the satirical columnist who’s always cracking jokes will have more of an attitude, while John the cop is a more serious person so he’ll have a slightly deeper tone and more deliberate cadence to reflect that.

The key, like every audio book, is to be able to connect to the characters, the story, and most importantly, the listeners. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off!



I saw three relatively new independent comedies recently (my favorite type of film):

Lola Versus: it went from cute to boring to frustrating to insufferable

Jeff Who Lives at Home: started slow with some real jerks for characters but it picked up nicely and ended well

Our Idiot Brother: very fun & silly! If you like Paul Rudd you’ll love this one.

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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