Backstage Buys Voice123

Backstage, an entertainment industry magazine and casting site, just acquired the online casting site Voice123.

Here's an article making the announcement.

Here's a take on the acquisition from voice actor, demo producer, and thought leader J. Michael Collins.

DISCLOSURE (and fun to share) I have subscribed to Backstage over the years, auditioned for projects on it, and have been featured in an article.


What does Backstage buying Voice123 mean for the voiceover industry in general and online casting sites in particular?

Will Voice123 and all of the other platforms that Backstage has & will acquire turn into one big site that a Silicon Valley powerhouse will eventually absorb like JMC theorized? Maybe.

Will Backstage use Voice123's massive database of audio files and get into the AI game? That would potentially take away work from thousands of actors (which I assume goes against their mission) so I doubt it but I can't speak for whomever may acquire Voice123 or Backstage in the future. FYI here is a Voice123 article about their take on AI.

But what does that mean for us voice actors? Should we join Backstage and/or Voice123? Quit them?

I do think that Backstage will market to their massive database of stage, film, and TV actors so even more people may flock to the voiceover industry. This may continue the trend of more competition and lower rates so keep that in mind. It's not something you can control but it is something you can be proactive about.

Keep training, keep learning, keep growing. Understand the new reality of the voiceover industry and what may lie just beyond the horizon. Harness the power of Direct Marketing while it's still viable.

You need to determine which course of action aligns with your business model and your value system. The reality of the voiceover industry continues to evolve. You have to evolve with it or risk being left behind!


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