FaffCon 6 Slideshow! (Hey kids, Big Ben. Parliament.) – The GKN Weekly Update 10/15/13

Hello and welcome back! Or should I say, welcome me back. I took a week off of blogging so I could recover from FaffCon6 (in a good way!).

I needed time to reflect on the experience and gather my thoughts. And catch up on email. And sleep. And hydration. And sleep.

On the way to San Antonio I visited my brother and his family in Meqsuite, Texas.

That’s my niece Jayden at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Garland. Ain’t she cute? If you ever go to the Dallas area you gotta hit this place!

Then I took a bus to Austin and met up with my pal Trish Basanyi. We had lunch downtown at Manuel’s (great margaritas & tacos BTW!) and then took a bus to San Antonio. Thanks for picking us up, Sean Caldwell and CC Heim! I partied hearty at the hotel with the hardcore Frequent Faffers who always fly in early. That’s one of my favorite parts of FaffCon: that moment when you walk into the hotel lounge and you see a couple dozen of your favorite people on the planet and they’re all happy to see you!

Friday was Opening Circle where the Golden Goddess of FaffCon, Amy Snively, welcomed us and got us all pumped up for the events to come (like we need to get even more excited!).

If you want to hear that episode of the podcast, click here!

Then we dived into the meat & potatoes of FaffCon: the seminars!

After the Saturday seminars we went on a guided tour of the San Antonio Riverwalk via boat.

Sunday was Round Two of seminars, including my session on Time Management. Highlights included scheduling your day ideas, how to set priorities, and me & Diane Maggipinto doing 20 push-ups. Don’t ask.

The res