FaffCon 9 Slideshow! – The Not Silent Blog – 9/26/17

I love FaffCon.

It’s the most important weekend of my year. FaffCon 9 is the penultimate (that’s the fancy way of saying second-to-last) FaffCon there will ever be so that makes it all the more precious.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with FaffCon…

FaffCon: the voiceover unconference, is a participant-driven professional development event for working voiceover industry pros. Its highly-interactive, peer-to-peer learning environment is consistently credited with helping establish VO-industry pros take their careers to the next level. Prospective participants must meet certain criteria and apply to attend.

On with the slideshow…!

That’s my boarding pass. I got bumped up to first class!

Look at all of these crazy wonderful Faffers!

That’s Amy Snively, the Golden Goddess aka founder and producer of FaffCon.

That’s me at my exhibit table. I attended FaffCon 9 not only as a voice talent but as a Key Supporting Sponsor and The VO Strategist. That’s the voiceover business coaching & consulting I do. Click here to learn more about that.

That’s me presenting at my “After Dark” session where I got to talk about the importance of being an effective voiceover business as well as a voiceover artist. Do you like my tie?

That’s my good friend and travel buddy Liz De Nesnera leading a Breakout Session. There were many, many incredible Breakout Sessions. I learned a ton about managing your finances, recording & editing, marketing & networking, and managing the chaos that is your professional and personal life.

I also led a Breakout Session about Explainer Videos. They were a fun, engaged crowd and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Faffers are a mighty generous bunch. We raised over $10,000 for hurricane relief!

There were too many “Aha” moments and special exchanges to mention with both old friends and new. As always, it was a magical experience that helped make me a better voice talent and a better person.


Normally I’d say that if you’ve never been to FaffCon that you must go. Sadly, there is only one FaffCon left and only “Frequent Faffers” will be permitted to attend. Instead, I will say this:

The critical component which makes Faffcon function is that all attendees have been vetted and must be able to contribute to the “un-conference” experience. Some voice talents have waited years to be admitted because they’re not ready.