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GKN Weekly Update 1/26/09

Happy Super Bowl Week! Go Steelers! They’re my favorite AFC team and the Cardinals used to be in the NFC East and a hated rival of the Giants, so there you go.

(as I was typing that I accidentally wrote “Super Bowel Week”. I don’t know what that means and I certainly don’t wish it upon any of you. And if you do need super bowels, well, you’re on your own. Good luck.)

Anyway, last week was another fun & busy one!

Tuesday was nuts! I had a VO audition for Qdoba at Acting Management in NYC courtesy of IFM (BTW Qdoba makes the best burritos EVER). Then I walked three blocks to CKP Media to record one page of copy the Nestle people forgot to send from last week. The gig so nice they paid me twice! Then I hopped on the 1 train to Full House for a Cornelson ESL recording session. There I got to work fellow GKN member and one of my favorite people, Nancy Wu! Nancy just got back from Thailand teaching children to read.

On Thursday I had two recording sessions for ETS down in Princeton. There I got to chat with fellow GKN member and another one of my favorite people Paul Payton! BTW Paul, I ran into a VO talent who also hails from Chatham. His name is Tim Crow and he’s a real nice guy. Do you know him?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Women are like tea bags: you don’t know how strong they are until they get in hot water. Eleanor Roosevelt

TIP OF THE WEEK: I’ll get back to focusing on the five aspects of success next week. Today I want to share something I learned very recently…

Remember a few months ago when I was on the set of 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin said to someone, “Don’t make your problem my problem!”? Well, it took three different people almost a month to get back to me concerning a particular subject. I was pissed and came up with all these silly reasons why they took so damn long. As it turns out, they were just busy. I shared this with a friend who said “Why would you make their problems your problem?”. A very good question, indeed.

What I mean to say is this: when somebody does something mean, stupid, or inconsiderate, 99% of the time it’s not about you. It’s about them! So don’t take things so damn personally, people.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: How many of your problems exist in your head? Do you project negative outcomes that never happen?

Have a great week!


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