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GKN Weekly Update 1/8/13 – Lights, Camera, Action Plan!

Good morning and welcome to 2013! I know it started last week but last week didn’t count. It wasn’t a full week and every day felt like a Sunday, am I right?

This is the week when we’re all excited & optimistic about the new year. I know many of you had a bit of a rough going in 2012 so 2013 couldn’t come fast enough! Now that it’s here, what do we do? How do we take all that optimism & hope and turn it into something tangible, something actionable? Why, with an Action Plan, of course!

Many of you who have taken part in my various lectures & seminars know how important I feel an Action Plan is. It’s the cornerstone of my business! Whenever I’m not sure what to do in any given moment, I go to my Action Plan. It’s always within arm’s reach. Except for right now, of course. Where the hell is it? OK, I found it. It was in my briefcase. Whew!

So, what do we have today? Let’s see…

Well, I need to look for VO work (of course) reconcile some invoices, update my VO resume, write my blog (check!), and have my daily StandUp meeting. See how great that is? I’m never at a loss for what to do next and most of them aren’t time-sensitive so I have some flexibility in case the phone rings or a project comes in.

TIP OF THE WEEK: One of hardest things about being self-employed is the ability to be consistently productive when you don’t have time constraints or a boss looking over your shoulder to keep you on track. That’s why the Action Plan works so well. It keeps you productive and holds you accountable. If you want an Action Plan template or have any questions, let me know!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: A friend is someone you know all about, but you like anyway. Bill Parcells

STUFF!: I am building a “VO Strategist” mailing list for folks interested in my webinars, seminars, lectures, private voiceover business consulting, etc. I will send out the occasional email (like once or twice a month) letting you know about upcoming classes I’m teaching. If you wanna get in on that action, please PM me your email address and I’ll add you to the list. Of course, the mailing list will be private and used solely for VO Strategist notifications. That is, unless you’re interested in this timeshare in a Florida swampland that I can get you a GREAT deal on…

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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