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GKN Weekly Update 12/21/09

Welcome to the final Good Karma Network Update for 2009! I hope everyone has dug out of the snow and is ready for the holidays.

So, this is the part when I take a moment to reflect on the year, both professionally and personally. Here’s the breakdown…

In 2009 I did 97 voiceovers and landed 27 new clients. My revenue increased by 5% (considering the economy this year, I’ll take it!). I was also under budget for the year.

Big gigs for 2009 include Nestle, Swiss Air, American Express/Delta, and nine audio books.

We made some strides with Project TERRA and should have our 4 1/2 minutes of video ready sometime in 2010. I’m also banging away at the screenplay and should have it completed soon. Go to to see some new pics!

On the health front I had no kidney stones this year, I lost weight, and my cholesterol is under control.

I am still what I like to call “clinically single” but who knows what 2010 may bring…?

Overall, 2009 was an incredible year! I would like to thank all of you for supporting the Good Karma Network this year and for your wonderful contributions.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Take some time to reflect on the year and examine your accomplishments. Make a list of goals for 2010, both professional and personal. If you need a hand, let me know. I love making lists!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Don’t gloat. A good friend will do it for you. (from the book “Rules for my Unborn Son” by Walker Lamond)

DISCUSS!: How was 2009 for you? What can you do to make 2010 even better?

Have a great week and Happy Holidays!!!


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