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GKN Weekly Update 4/9/13 – I’m Going On A FaffCamping Trip And I’m Bringing…

Happy…waitaminit. Something’s not right here. My fingers aren’t numb. I can’t see my breath. Is it…is it…actually Spring? For reals?! I’ll believe it when it hits 70 again today…

For the past year-and-a-half I have extolled the virtues of FaffCon. I’ve been to three of these voiceover “un-conferences” and they have quite literally changed my life. I’ve learned volumes of information about the industry, my income has almost doubled, and I have made life-long friends. The only negative comment I have ever heard is that FaffCon is limited to only 100 voice talents who are vetted to ensure they have the necessary experience/acumen to contribute to the conference, since it is participant-driven. Well, now there is FaffCamp!!!

It will be held Friday May 3rd through Sunday May 5th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

To quote the FaffCamp Website, “Faff Camp is a peer-to-peer professional development conference for working voiceover pros (not just voice talents, voice actors, and narrators, but all pros who do work related to voice overs). It’s participant driven and highly interactive, just like its sister event FaffCon. But most of the agenda is set in advance, which makes it possible for us to welcome a larger group.”

In other words, anyone in the voiceover industry can attend and you don’t have to be a gristled veteran! Non-voice talents are welcome as well, including vendors (they will have an expo), producers, agents, casting directors, and engineers. There will be lots for you to do, see, and learn, and well as benefit from the invaluable networking opportunities!

There will be four Main Stage presenters and they are all top-notch folks, people I am honored to call friend. I myself will be leading a Breakout Session called “Running an Effective Voiceover Business” (don’t let that dissuade you!) and many of my colleagues will be running seminars about every aspect of the voiceover industry.

All that aside; that friends that you make, the heartfelt sense of comradery, and the opportunity to be a part of something truly special makes FaffCamp a must.

TIP OF THE WEEK: I can’t say enough about  the Faffing experience. There are still three weeks left to register and I strongly recommend that you take part. It could be the best thing that happens to your career!

BTW If you have any questions about the FaffCamp, don’t hesitate to drop me a line…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself! Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

STUFF!: I finally got around to watching “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” starring Gary Oldman and Tim Roth. Weird movie, great cast!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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