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GKN Weekly Update 5/3/10

Happy May! Is it hot enough for ya?

April was the busiest month I’ve ever had. I…am…POOPED! But in a good way. Just want to way thanks to Merit/Andrew, Sumanas, ETS, Infinivox, Oxford UK, Pearson Learning, NY Audio, Full House Productions, Panetta Studios, and a bunch of other great clients for entrusting me to voice their projects.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Please remember to take off your watch, jewelry, and any other objects that may make sound during a recording session. Nobody noticed that my wristwatch was ticking until about halfway through this morning’s session. How embarrassing!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Never pass up an opportunity to use a revolving door, an escalator, or a bendy straw. Anonymous

STUFF!: Does anybody wish to share a recent faux pas in the recording studio? Please, enlighten us!

Have a great week!


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