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GKN Weekly Update 8/23/10

And a happy, damp Monday to y’all!

I am a pooped camper! I haven’t stopped moving since last Wednesday. I had a VO in Interlaken, NJ Thursday morning for a Homeland Security PSA. Then I drove straight to Newark Airport to pick up my mom (yes, she has officially moved from Florida!), then went to watch my friend’s store in Denville until around 9:00 PM. What a day! All the time from then to now has involved the logistics of my mom’s move along with working on the script for Blastaway, as well as VO auditions and bookings. This morning was a VO in Princeton and the moving truck just left a few minutes ago. Hopefully things will settle don’t this week, but I doubt it!

TIP OF THE WEEK: I do need to apologize to a few of you for not being around much these past few months. I try to keep the personal life personal and I won’t go into detail but, remember when I said my clan was having issues? Well, most of it has been sorted out, mom’s move being one of them. It’s occupied quite a bit of energy and time and I’m sure that those of you who were affected will understand.

So, what have I learned? I’m big on communication and I’m happy to share my life but sometimes it’s not the best thing to do. Sometimes you can’t, even if you want to. Sometimes you just don’t have the emotional capital to spend. Sometimes the logistics of life force you to make choices and people get left behind. Sometimes it sucks, but what can you do? Chin up, buck up, pucker up, and keep on keepin’ on!

TIP OF THE WEEK: All art is the art of the impermanent. Peter O’Toole

STUFF!: I had my annual physical last Wednesday and my cholesterol level has gone from 285 in 2006 down to 169!!! Beat that with a stick…

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is tom Dheere, GKN news.


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