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Improve Your Work-from-Home Flow

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Create your dream work-from-home routine

Gillian and I pick up our conversation about studio sounds with the idea that microphones are microscopes. They will detect all the good (and bad) sounds in your space. Once you get that ideal's time to work on your routine. Having amazing microphones, interfaces, and gear will make your voice sparkle and shine, but your workflow will get you in the door quickly & efficiently. Tech tools like a programmable mouse, keyboard, super quick computer, and clean digital space can save you a ton of time, which matters when you're an entrepreneur like me!

"Your microphone is only as good as your workflow!" - Tom

Tom & Gillian's Workflow Life Savers

For anyone who works at a computer, having a great mouse is essential. Gillian reaches for the Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball mouse. It has large programmable buttons and ergonomic design to help with wrist fatigue while increasing workflow speed. I just purchased (and am loving) the Logitech M650 which comes in 2 sizes + sells styles for right and left handed users. The rollerball is a life saver while working in Audition all day. I used it so much that I wore it out entirely on my previous mouse.


  • Starting with a great initial mic sound makes all the other work simple.

  • Your gear is only as good as your workflow.

  • Set up a routine for auditioning from your home studio.

  • Choose gear based on your voice & your workflow.

  • Investing in your WFH space is an investment in yourself.


Want to know how your home studio sounds + get feedback on how to improve?

Get your audio assessed by Gillian - use code VOSTRATEGIST for 10% off an Audio Assessment:

WFH or Studio Life?

  • I love working from home!

  • I miss the studio life

  • Balance between the two is the best

You can vote for more than one answer.

Sound Advice by Dan Friedman

Sound Advice is a must-have for any voice actor who records from home! This book is about how to better understand the world of audio engineering so you can up your game when it comes to auditioning and booking projects at your home studio.

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Tom Dheere

Tom Dheere is the VO Strategist, a voice over business & marketing coach and demo producer since 2011. He is also a voice actor with over 25 years of experience who has narrated just about every type of voiceover you can think of. When not voicing or talking about voicing, he produces the sci-fi comic book Agent 1.22.

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