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Voiceover Spring Cleaning – The GKN Weekly Update 7/22/14

Hello and Happy Hammock Day and Rat Catcher’s Day! Can you do both at the same time…?


  1. If you haven’t heard the news, FaffCamp is ON!!! They got enough signups to make it happen and I couldn’t be happier. There still some spots left if you wanna get in on all the Faffy goodness. Just go to to register and don’t forget you can save $25 by using my promo code VT8987248. See you there!

  2. A big thanks to all of the folks who attended my Edge Studio Business and Money 201 webinar, “Cost/Benefit Analysis”. Any time I can get paid to talk about spreadsheets is a dream come true, indeed.

  3. The second Daddy School book, “Father Christmas” is now on sale!

  4. I started recording “Freemasons for Dummies” at Audible Studios in Newark last week. It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces!

I like bookmarks. No, not the flimsy paper things you use to keep your place in a book. I mean the kind on the Interwebs. I have well over 200 bookmarks: from my banking websites to my hobby websites and everything in between. Occasionally I go through them and clean them up.

One of the folders that I store bookmarks in is for social media sites that I don’t use very often. I went through it and hoo boy was there a ton of social media sites I haven’t looked at in years. You know what I did? Among others, I deleted my profiles for Plaxo, Uniiverse, Game Voices, and (are you ready?) MySpace!

Yeah, when was the last time you went to THAT site? I was on MySpace every day before Facebook came along.

In a fit of “cleaning house”, I went to my Facebook profile and un-Liked over 100 pages. Crazy, right? And it was all kinds of stuff, too. Restaurants, bands, movies that never got made, even shared memories of former friends and ex-girlfriends.


Deleting those profiles and un-Liking all those pages was quite cathartic. I felt lighter, cleaner, less burdened in some way. Sometimes I need to do silly things like that once in a while as a kind of mental Spring cleaning (Yes, I know it’s summer but don’t be so dang literal). I acknowledge it’s a form of Administrivia but in small doses I think it’s good for you.



I still have a few audio book free download codes for:

If you want one, let me know!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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