Voiceovers And Your Inner Monologue – The Not Silent Blog 10/2/18

As a voiceover business, your inner monologue is critical to your success. It effects how you think, train, make money, spend money, and relate to the world.

I bring this up because I (like most of you) spend a fair amount of time (well, too much, actually) on Facebook, particularly in the various voiceover-related Facebook Groups. In the daily deluge of posts, we can see what many think of:

  1. The voiceover industry – “It’s unfair!

  2. Their fellow voice talent – “Tell me everything I need to know because I don’t feel like looking it up and if you don’t you’re a jerk

  3. The clients – “None of them pay me enough

  4. The agents – “If I get one I’ll be a star, right?

  5. The coaches – “A bunch of scam artists

and most importantly…

  1. Themselves – “I’m great! I don’t need training!” or “I’m new so I should charge less, right?” or “I don’t have any money but I want to be a successful business”

Posts like this reflect your inner monologue. Your inner monologue has a MASSIVE effect on your voiceover business. Your opinions of how the voiceover industry works (or doesn’t work) as well as your opinions of yourself directly influence your behavior and your bottom line.


How can you improve your inner monologue?

Your inner monologue is partially (or maybe fully) a result of how you were raised as well as the company you keep so this can be hard to change. It certainly won’t happen overnight. I also believe that trying to force-feed yourself gouts of flowery rhetoric and “positive attitude” slogans won’t work either, at least in the long run.


My inner monologue improved through education, experience, failure, wisdom, and the desire to be a contributing member of the voiceover community.

To quote Stephen Covey, the map is not the territory. You need to align your views of the voiceover industry & yourself  (your map) to the realities of the voiceovers industry & yourself (the territory) and have the tools to navigate it effectively. That means you need effective training, demos, a business plan, a marketing strategy, and a value system that will set you up for success.

Be kind to yourself, but don’t fool yourself into thinking voiceovers are easy or will be handed to you a silver platter because you have a nice voice. The voieover industry owes you nothing. You are entirely responsible for your career. Take ownership of your career, your words, your thoughts, and your deeds.


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