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GKN Weekly Update 1/11/10

Week One of 2010 is in the books! I hope everyone has gotten back into their routine. I’m not quite there yet. I had a bit of a cold last week so my diet, exercise, and work habits aren’t quite back to normal but they’re getting there. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy!

Just for fun I’ve decided to track my auditions every week for a month to see what’s going on. Here is last week’s breakdown:

Voice 123 Auditions: 7. That includes two private invitations. (BTW I know that many of you like P2P sites and many of you don’t. In the 4+ years I’ve been on it, it has paid my annual fee back many, many times over so it works for me!).

Ingrid French Auditions: 3. That includes going to New York for in-person auditions. Two were for voiceovers (E-Money and Ludens) and one was on-camera (White Castle).

Voice Talent Productions: 2 (Thanks, Erik!)

Craig’s List: 1. I got a virtual callback to be the voice of Fast Lane Daily, an auto industry magazine.


This does not include the two dozen cold calls I made.

What does this mean? Well, I have agents submitting on my behalf and I submit myself for projects regularly. I get specific requests for my voice as well as callbacks. The big question is: Does it work? The answer is: it works often enough for me to keep doing it. I believe that all of these things are “part of a balanced breakfast” as a fellow VO talent once put it.

TIP OF THE WEEK: To ply your trade as an actor, dancer, model, VO talent, etc. you need to put yourself out there as often and as efficiently as you can. Be on multiple websites and networking profiles. Have a marketing plan in place and execute it. Be relentless!!!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: What is right and what is practicable are two different things. James Buchanan

STUFF!: I got a bunch of great CD’s over the past few weeks. They are:

Bloc Party “Banquet” Imogen Heap “Speak for Yourself” Arma Secreta “A Century’s Remains” Gooding “The Return” (compilation) “Dark was the Night”

I haven’t listened to Bloc Party yet, but Imogen Heap is amazing! She’s the girl from Frou Frou. You can download the Arma Secreta and Gooding albums from their website for free. The last CD has a bunch of incredible artists on it like Iron and Wine, The New Pornographers, and David Byrne.

What music have you been listening to lately?

Have a great week!


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