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GKN Weekly Update 11/28/11

Happy Thanksgiving! Are ya still full? All turkey’d out? Ready for the white noise that is the holiday season? You bet yer boots I am!

OK, I got all kinds of good stuff to rap about so let’s get to it…

First, I want to give a shout-out to my dear friends from Parsippany High School that I got to hang out with this past Friday night at the Blackthorn Irish Pub. It was great seeing all of you!

Speaking of my alma mater, another dear friend and PHS teacher Keri Pero shared something pretty cool with me. There was a poetry reading at the school last week and the students were encouraged to recite entries from past issues of the school’s literary magazine, “The Totem”. One of the students recited a poem that I wrote back in 1989! Is that crazy or what?!

Alright, here’s another nifty announcement: I landed two more audio books! The first one is called “All Facts Considered: The Essential Library of Inessential Knowledge”.

As a trivia buff, I’m really gonna enjoy narrating this one.

Here’s the other one

It’s part of a series of “…and Philosophy” books which cover topics like Batman, baseball (I own a copy), and The Office. So, I went to high school with Jane Krakowski, I was an extra on 30 Rock, and now I’m narrating an audiobook about the show. The circle is complete!


The Fourth Annual VO Mixer is this Saturday! I am so pumped up for it I can’t even explain. All of the event information is here. If you are going and you’re a member of the Good Karma Network please find me and say hi! I will be in the city all weekend hanging out with my fellow VO peeps so I hope to see you at brunch, lunch, dinner, a bar, or whatever!


If you are a professional voice talent (or strive to be one) and you are available, you must be at the VO Mixer. This is THE voiceover networking event of the year. The amount of amazing people you will meet and the wisdom you could potentially acquire is immeasurable. If you’re reading this and are coming up with excuses for why you can’t or shouldn’t be there, either get off your ass and go to the Mixer or reconsider your choice of vocation!


Wit is wasted on the rude. DB Cooper of the Voiceover Bulletin Board


Just for fun I thought I’d share the poem of mine that the student read. It’s called “Chaos”.Chaos.Swirling masses of fire and hunger.Desperate citizens cry out for the truth.Into the flames we go, forever descending.For human we are, and always shall be.No matter how great the need, how strong the desire.Wanting to correct the wrong.Always trying to better ourselves.Why, we’ll never know.Gone, forgotten realms of knowledge,Filled with all our answers.Distorted facts, stretched tales,Put in their proper place.Done and complete, ready to be known,But always out of grasp.

Man, was I an angst-ridden kid or what?

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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