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GKN Weekly Update 12/29/08

Hello and welcome to the last Good Karma Network Weekly Update of 2008! I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday season so far. For the past few years I’ve spent Christmas with one of my best friends and his family and I had a great time!

So, I took a look at my 2008 voiceover career. This is how it breaks down…

The bad news is that my voiceover revenue dropped by 1/3. What the hell happened?! It’s pretty simple, really. The Danielle Steel audio book accounts for half of that loss. The Foonz gig (a great company in New England I did hundreds of phone prompts for) accounts for the other half. These were wonderful clients for short-term projects that didn’t have work for me this year. Ouch! I guess I won the lottery twice last year. Also, the economy took a serious toll on me this quarter. Many of my clients who said they had work for me just didn’t come through since they’re having money trouble on their end. I’ll just have to tighten the belt and work even harder next year!

This is the good news:

# of new voiceover clients: 18 # of new GKN Members: 47 Types of voiceover gigs: E-learning, audio books, website intros, medical narrations, commercials, podcast intros & outros, promos, radio dramas, PSA’s

So, more clients, more GKN members, and a very diverse group of voiceover gigs! What does it mean? It means my marketing & networking action plans are working. Yay!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Aside from the serious financial setback, I had an amazing year! I made new friends, landed many new clients, and most importantly, I learned a few things about life in general. I learned that the only person responsible for your successes & failures is you. Don’t be the “I got an A but my teacher gave me an F” kind of person. To be an adult is to be responsible aka “response-able” for ALL of your actions.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Anonymous

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: How was 2008 for you? What will you do to make 2009 even better?

Have a safe, happy and healthy New Year!!!


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