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GKN Weekly Update 4/5/10

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a bunny-tastic day.

This is going to be a kooky week! I have a bunch of great stuff going on. Mostly voiceovers, but I won’t bore you with the details. There are two things I do want to share, though.

First, remember the film “Last Man of Idaho” I talked about a few weeks ago that I’m narrating? Here’s the movie poster!

It releases in a few weeks and I think it will be available for viewing online.

Here’s the other thing. I have a new logo!

This is the prototype but it will change a bit. The name will move to above the deer and the “Voices Carry!” tag will move either under the deer within the shield or just below the shield. Not sure which one yet. Also, I’m gonna try an alternate tag:

“Nothing sounds like a Dheere!”

And to answer your question about intellectual property, I’m in the clear because I’m not competing with a certain tractor company. I sell my voice, not backhoes.

TIP OF THE WEEK: The new logo reminds me of the importance of branding. I’ve noticed that many of the more successful VO talents I know have strong branding. They brand the distinctiveness of their voice as well as their online presence. Check out my blogroll to see what I mean. If you are self-employed you need to distinguish yourself from the competition. There’s a lot of us out there, so make it a point to stand out!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln

STUFF!: I want to send a shout-out to my friend Lisa DeSimone. She won a “Roggie” a few weeks ago for referring me to some new clients and one of them hired me! Thanks for thinking of me, Lisa. You’re the best!!!

Have a great week!


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