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GKN Weekly Update 6/22/09

Happy Summer! It’s about time we had a dry day.

First off I’d like to welcome our newest Good Karma Network member Ashley Pierce. We look forward to your contribution to the group!

Yesterday we finished shooting “Transition”. I would like to thank all of the GKN members who donated their time and effort to the production:

Justine Topham Braden Herrera Jennifer Wos David Youngblood Maureen Rogalski Dana Chiocchi

Great job, everybody!

And a quick “Thank You” to Ingrid French for sending me out on those Heineken and GNC auditions last week.

OK, let’s talk about networking. “Transition” is a great example of how networking can reap great benefits. Just about everyone on the set took the time to get to know everyone else and made it a point to exchange contact information. Last night the business cards were flying! Throughout the shoot the cast & crew were discussing marketing, building websites, taking classes, and other projects they are working on. Nobody was showing off, bragging, or dropping names. They were just sharing their experiences, developing new relationships, and having fun!

TIP OF THE WEEK: If you are entering a situation where there are potential networking opportunities please remember the following:

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure that it is an appropriate environment to network. Sometimes it isn’t and you don’t want to offend anyone or embarrass yourself. Networking party, sure. Funeral, not so much.

Bring business cards, pens, or anything unobtrusive that has your contact info on it.

Don’t bring head shots, resumes, demos, etc. Those can be sent along afterward.

To quote the great Dan Duckworth, don’t complain and don’t explain! Griping about the industry or why your demo isn’t as good as it could be is not networking, it’s kvetching and nobody wants to hear that.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. Phillip K. Dick

DISCUSS!: How do you know when to network and when NOT to network?


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