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GKN Weekly Update 7/18/11

Greeting and salutations, my fellow GKN-ophiles! It’s another scorcher out there so stay cool.

Last week was a ton of fun on a bun! Six recording sessions, dinner with my good friends Angelo Panetta and Trish Basanyi, and I attended the New Jersey Young Professionals Summer Dress and Tie Party at Pazzo Pazzo in Morristown. Despite the scorching heat, it was a great event and I met some really nice people.

Also, I booked four more audio books! Well, six actually, but I already finished two of them in the past two weeks. I booked two of those four books using the Audio Creation Exchange. It’s a pretty amazing site where publishers and VO talent can find each other to produce the massive backlog (about 95% off all books published) that haven’t been made into audio books. I will get a paid via Royalty Share, which means no money upfront, but I get 50% of the audio book’s sales. So thanks in advance for ordering 20 copies of each book!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Some of you may think that not getting paid upfront is a bad idea. What if it makes no money? Will all that work be for nothing? The way I see it, I have already made a profit on this, even if I don’t see a cent.

I’m adding two more audio books to my resume, both of which will be distributed internationally. I will build a strong relationship with the publishing company in hopes of landing future projects. I have good networking and marketing skills so I will do everything in my power to advertise the books. You see? I’ve already made my money back!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Life is notes underneath your fingers. You just gotta figure out what keys to hit to make your music. Jamie Foxx

STUFF!: I wasn’t a fan of Jamie Foxx for a long time. Honestly, I thought he was a bit of a dope! Then I saw him on “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and “Ray” and I was blown away. What a bright, talented, thoughtful human being. Check out this clip of him!


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