Voiceover Tips From a Surprising Source! – The GKN Weekly Update 7/30/13

Hello and Happy National Cheesecake Day! I love cheesecake, but this holiday was invented by the Cheesecake Factory. Does that count?

One of my favorite websites is Boing Boing. It’s an online magazine that has a staff of amazing writers but it has an incredible pool of contributing fans as well. It offers a plethora of “geek content”; articles & pictures relating to movies, music, comic books, video games, etc. but some moving & thought-provoking pieces as well, usually relating to human rights, civil rights, privacy rights, etc. I read it almost every day and it’s a whole heap o’ fun.

One article was lauding a recent blog entry by Shane Nickerson. It’s called “11 Things That Took Me 42 Years To Learn”. Here’s the link to the blog entry. This touched a chord with me for several reasons, one being that I am turning 42 this year (GAH!!).

Quite a few of the 11 things hit home; particularly 2, 3, 4, and 5. See which ones (if any) resonate with you. Oh, and thank you Shane for such an insightful and thought-provoking blog!

11 things it took me 42 years to learn

As I round the corner towards the still youngish age of 42, I’ve had some time to reflect upon what’s worked and what hasn’t in my life. Periodically, I feel the need to share some of this wisdom. Usually this happens when I haven’t been drinking much and my brain wants to dump information. Here we are.

So here’s some advice. I know you didn’t ask for it, you probably wonder why I think I’m qualified to give it, and there’s a good chance you’re going to ignore it. I’m okay with that. This blog entry will tick a box in my subconscious need to feel like I’m connecting to people through words, and probably make me cringe when I’m out of phase with this creative streak I’m currently riding. That’s my cycle. Fun stuff, right? I’m already partially cringing.

Anyway, here we go.

1. Play like you practice.

If you’ve heard it from a coach, you know what it means. It means don’t save yourself for the big game. Don’t imagine a time when everything is real and you’ll finally be able to give it 100%. This is it. It’s real right now: your writing, your acting, your creating, your parenting, your working, your choices in life. There may never be a big game, or at least, not the one you imagine from the comfort of your couch while you’re playing Minecraft instead of rewriting your sketch. Time slips quickly, and the impression you make on people now will have lasting repercussions as your peers rise through the ranks and eventually have the power to hire you, or not. You play like you practice. You’ll have no idea how to actually execute when opportunity arrives if you haven’t been giving it everything until that day comes.

2. Trust your instinct.

If you’re miserable in your job, quit. If you’ve chosen the wrong career, make a plan to switch. If something feels wrong, you’re right. Fix it, and don’t look back. This applies to work, relationships, friendships, and life choices. Wake up in the morning the person you want to be instead of the person you’re constantly trying to change. Sometimes it’s hard work to stay true to the person you know you are. It’s always worth it.

3. Let your dreams change.

You thought you were going to be a famous actor but have slowly begun to resent everything about the career except the end goal you imagine to be the answer to your happiness? It isn’t. This goes back to #1. Life slips by quickly when you sacrifice your current happiness for imagined future happiness for an extended amount of time. People tel